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Paintball SHOP

• RO

     Pentru a fi mai aproape de jucatorii de paintball am deschis acest magazin in care veti gasi diferite produse dedicate acestui sport, deasemenea site-ul vine si in ajutorul proaspat intreprinzatorilor in materie de paintball.

     Comenzile le puteti face accesand sectiunea CONTACT a site-ului.

     Preturile nu includ transportul si transferul bancar.

     Comanda minima de 200 €.

     Toate comenzile vor fi validate telefonic.

• EN

     In order to be more closely with the paintball players we have oppened this shop in wich you will find different products dedicated to this sport, also the site comes in help to newly entrepreneurs in the paintball industry.

     Orders can be made by accesing the CONTACT page of the site.

     Minimum order of 200 €.

     Prices don't include transport or bancar transfer taxes.

     All of the orders will be telephonic validated.

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